It's not about us

It's about YOU

Our kids really love traditional, homemade cookies and especially cookie dough, when they cannot resist to leak the spoon before the cookie is even baked. Being busy parent, we/you not always have time and opportunities to occupy the kitchen and even if we do, that precious time is taken from our kids.

That is why we have created XMORE edible cookie dough for you, so you can spend more time with you loved ones. We also quickly realized that the lowest possible sugar we can find in the existing cookie dough brands in the market was 8g per serving size (30g).

That's where the idea came to create a sweet cookie dough, which will be low on sugar, high in protein and iron (to help young organisms grow), and easily digestible (high in fiber). Also, we wanted to create a product that will be sustainably plant-based and gluten-free.

✅ Low or no sugar added

✅ More Protein - 4g

✅ More Fiber - 4g

✅ Allergen-friendly

✅ Gluten-free

We would really love to share this healthy product with all the kids and grown-ups.

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