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It's not just a dream: You can enjoy sweet treats while also keeping fit. Here's how to make your cookie dough dreams come true.

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Gluten-free oat flour and its benefits. 

Check out this gluten-free oat flour which provides extremely healthy benefits for your organism.

XMORE dough only uses Canadian-made, purely gluten-free oat flour. 

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What is the difference between naturally occurring sugar and  added sugar

1. Naturally occurring sugar appears in different products, such as milk, fruits, and honey. This one is not as bad as added sugar for our bodies. 

2. Added sugars are the ones you want to reduce/eliminate

3. Some information on how much sugar comes with XMORE cookie dough 

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Why cookie dough is better than an already baked cookie

1. Gives limitless creativity

2. Helps to enjoy preferred baking

3. Helps to create new products on the fly

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Benefits of pea protein.

Check out this plant-based ingredient which provides extremely healthy benefits for your organism.

XMORE dough contains 4g protein per serving size.


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